B.4 - How to add attributes to root categories

With attributes in Timly you can thoroughly classify and customise your object database, ensuring your asset records capture all the necessary attributes. This approach offers a richer overview of your inventory and simplifies locating and managing assets using attributes in the search function. When creating duplicate objects, attributes are conveniently carried over to the new item, though they remain customisable. 

How to Add Attributes to Root Categories


Step 1. In your Timly account, navigate to 'Categories & fields'.

Step 2. Select the desired root category.

Step 3. Head over to 'Category fields'.

Step 4. At the bottom, you'll find the option 'Create new attribute'.




When creating a new attribute:

Step 1. Give it a name.
Step 2. Decide on its type.
Step 3. Determine which settings to enable or disable.
Step 4. Click 'Create'.

A quick tip:

Each of your categories can have its own unique set of attributes.